SINCE 1993Shimanli Ceramics

Foshan Shimanli Ceramics CO., Ltd is located in Zidong Road South, Nanzhuang Town, Shancheng District, Foshan, as one of the large-scale building ceramic companies in Nanzhuang Town, the Nubmer One Ceramic Town in China.

Established in 1993, this company produces “Yongfa” Brand and “Shimanli” Brand polished bricks and anti-friction bricks with the wholly borrowed advanced equipment and technology from Italy and Germany etc.

Driven to be the leader in the circle, this company pays great attention to the developing, innovating and launching various kinds of new products, such as spotted anti-friction brick series, spotted anfi-friction classical brick series, anti-slip brick series and porcelain polished brick series-powder, super white, filtered flower pattern, golden flower cream yellow etc. Our products cover all kinds of sizes, including300×300m、400×400mm、500×500mm、600×600mm、800×800mm etc.

Our company occupies the leading position and market in china with its advantages as stable quality, strong innovative capability and full set of colors and types.

Our company is also focused on the products design style and unique individuality at the same time of improving the products with science and technology. Ws sincerely wish to cerate a bright future for modem building ceramic industry with the joint efforts of friends from all walks.